Auction Your Car / Boat / Bike / Caravan


WA Auctioneers are renowned for holding Perth's largest ever auctions. We have a massive array of registered bidder subscribers and 10,000+ followers on Facebook. When we market your goods, we get it out to over 20,000 real people instantly! More bidders, means more money comes your way.
Not only is our process hassle free and easy. It saves you having to deal with "Gumtree" time wasters and scammers. Plus no inviting strangers into your home.


Once we have your vehicle, we create an online auction and marketing campaign purely for your vehicle.
We store your vehicle here for the term of the auction (typically seven days) so bidders can inspect under our supervision. Bidders are permitted to start vehicles, though NOT test drive.
On completion of the auction we refer to you the highest bid for your consideration. If you choose not to accept the highest bid, you are under no obligation to sell and are NOT required to pay any fees. If you accept the bid, we finalise the sale and transfer the proceeds to your account the same day that the buyer pays us.


Nothing! Not only do we get you top dollar for your goods, we charge you nothing in seller commissions. As an example, if you wanted a minimum of $5000 for your vehicle and it sold for $6000. Then you get every cent of that $6000!
We make our money by charging the buyer a fee.

Call us now on 1300 311 331 to book your auction!